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Travel is Life :)

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The travel experience is open to yourself.

Today, tourism plays an extremely important role because we travel in order to expose ourselves to new experiences so that we can grow and become stronger. Everything we can choose from depends on what type we want to be the most.

            That we travel is a matter that we should not be overlooked. In many ways, tourism is a matter that we personally have to pay attention and pay a lot of attention to because we travel will allow us to learn and live in the world more than ever before. In many stories, tourism is another story that we should not be overlooked.

            In many places that we will travel, we believe that tourism will make us the best and the most knowledgeable people. No matter what we do, the matter of tourism, it is a matter that we should find information in order to learn as much as possible as well. Travel will allow us to find new things that open up our world to be more alive than we are. Everything about studying is the most necessary thing that we should not be overlooked.

Planning before your trip is absolutely necessary.

            In each tour, planning is considered essential that we should pay attention and care should not be overlooked because if we have a good trip planning when it will make us that. Easy to travel More lively than ever No matter what we do, it is always the fastest and fastest because we already have travel planning.

            Everything, if we have a good plan, it will be extremely important. Everything that we should not be overlooked. That we overlook it will make us ourselves that is at a disadvantage. If we have good travel planning, it will make our travel more comfortable and happy throughout the trip as well. Planning will allow us to travel to more places than not planning, because sometimes it is not to be missed, it is a waste of opportunity as well.

            In many ways, we need to pay attention and focus on planning the trip well because it will not make mistakes and save even more time, all of which should not be ignored. Planning your trip will be the best.

Travel Thailand with confidence With disease-free tourist route guide in 5 regions

Amid the confusion and instability of the travel situation Causing many people to wonder if If going to travel on weekdays or holidays, should you go or not? Recently, the Tourism Authority of Thailand. In collaboration with network partners Has created a disease-free route guide in 5 regions (Safety & Hygienic Road Trip) to help travelers to be more confident. New innovation from the USA to help the bone line. Later, the bottom and the neck of Innovation, Mr. Pipat Ratchakitprakarn, Minister of Tourism and Sports, along with Dr. Suphakit Sirilak, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Public Health, Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Mr. Jirut Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, Director of the Office of Convention and Exhibition Promotion (Public Organization) (TCEB) and Mr. Thawipong Wichaidit, director of the Special Area Development Management Organization for Sustainable Tourism. (Public Organization) (DASTA) jointly announced the project. “Disease-free travel guide” (Safety & Hygienic Road Trip) at the building office TAT Head Office New Petchaburi Road Recently, the manual has been developed in accordance with the guidelines for raising the sanitary safety standard. To build confidence in travel It is one of the projects that arise from the integration between TAT, TCEB, DASTA and private sectors such as PTT Oil and Retail Public Company Limited and BMW Thailand. Resulting in both self-tourism Group tourism And tourism as a reward Including traveling for meetings Training and seminar By using the disease-free tourist route guide in 5 regions as a guide for traveling As well as travel guidelines to join activities with the tourism community According to the concept of New Normal tourism, Mr. Pipat Ratchakitprakarn, Minister of Tourism and Sports, said that the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 Affecting economic activities around the world Including the tourism industry Travelers are more concerned about traveling. In order to build confidence among tourists Ministry of Tourism and Sports by TAT in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health And government agencies and private sectors in the tourism industry Implemented the Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration (SHA) hygienic safety standard project, a project to encourage establishments In the tourism industry, prepare and implement improvements in business establishments to be in line with a new way of life, where entrepreneurs have to offer good products and services along with safety standards. Hygiene With the SHA logo as a tool to communicate to tourists to gain confidence TAT Governor Yuthasak Supasorn said that TAT has extended the SHA standard in line with the behavior of Thai tourists who are interested in traveling by private cars. Together in a small group such as family members Or a group of friends In order to travel to tourist attractions in neighboring provinces, TAT has created a disease-free tourist route guide for 5 regions in order to remind the guidelines for how to behave while traveling. By bringing executives from allied agencies and mass media to travel in accordance with the new standard of life (New normal) route Bangkok – Samut Songkhram – Ratchaburi Between 31 July – 1 August 2020 as a new model of travel for travelers when planning their trips with the emphasis on clean, safe and happy travel according to SHA standards along the way for famous guides. There are 36 pages in total, providing tourist information from the beginning, before the trip, to self-care and to travel companions during a personal car journey. And public buses during COVID-19, car care after travel Along with introducing 5 regions for safe travel routes without COVID-19, the highlight of each area is gathered as follows: 1. North Chiang Rai – Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai 2. Central Bangkok – Ayutthaya – Nakhon Pathom – Bangkok 3. Northeast region Sakon Nakhon – Nakhon Phanom – Sakon Nakhon, 4. Eastern Region Trat – Chanthaburi – Trat, and 5. Southern Region Chumphon – Prachuap Khiri Khan – Chumphon, ending with telephone numbers, tourist attractions, accommodation and restaurants in each region, Mr. Jirut Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya Director of the Office of Convention and Exhibition Promotion (Public Organization) (TCEP) said that TCEB’s cooperative role will carry out marketing and public relations promotion focused on non-governmental groups. To create a meeting and seminar on the route SHA, safe travel – disease free. On July 20-22, 2020, there is an activity “Muang Thai Meeting Confidence Thai MICE Safety @ Kanchanaburi” as an example route for entrepreneurs to create packages offering private organizations The emphasis is on MICE recreational activities such as team building, social contribution (CSR), community history and cultural exposure, along with seminars. There were more than 100 participants in this activity, including over 90 MICE business management companies and 10 media outlets. “Thailand meeting is safer” to support budgetary organizations Company organizing events Hotels or venues accelerate meetings, conferences and reward employees to travel in the country. To stimulate the economy in the country as well. Mr. Thawipong Wichaidit, director of DASTA said that DASTA has raised the level of tourism by the community. By being a mentor to the tourism community in the development of sanitation, safety, attention to health To support the tourist market after Kritikovid-19 By encouraging the community to apply for the SHA standard assessment and establishing a project to upgrade the creative community tourism route linked with the main tourist attractions to support the quality tourist market. To revitalize and heal the tourism industry In collaboration with the Tourism Council of Thailand and 6 tourist associations And supporting agencies such as the Department of Health, TAT and TASO organize activities to lead tourism operators To educate the tourism community in developing and enhancing the tourism activities of the community. We are ready to give advice to comply with SHA standards to build confidence in the tourism community and tourists. And tour operators bring community tourism activities together with the company’s tour program to offer quality tourists with 90 participating travel companies and 40 model tourism communities selected by travel agencies. Which will continue to generate income for tourism communities and tour companies For the disease-free tourist route guide in 5 regions (Safety & Hygienic Road Trip) helps in preparing people for the safety check in driving vehicles for tourism. It covers private cars, vans and buses. It also offers sample travel routes. Safe – disease free To be used as a guide for traveling in each region as well. The general public can request for free from all PTT stations nationwide.

Travel With the freelance line of 5 jobs generating substantial income

Are you the one who loves traveling? The main reason why people are attracted to travel is because it has opened up the world. Learn new ways of life and society To recharge happiness in both body and mind But sometimes I often encounter questions from those around me. “Don’t save some money?” “Take time to work?” In fact, tourism can be a part of a career that creates good jobs and income as well. Interesting that is suitable for people who have a pulse on their feet. Career from travel blogger career blogger has come in popularity With the trend of social media that has become the main means of generating income for many people. It is the dream job of the new generation. Because there is flexibility in work Went to a favorite tourist destination Some people are good at traveling in nature, focus on eating or traveling reviews. No matter what style, you need to create unique content. It can be in video format or as a narrative article. And published on their own website or Facebook Successful bloggers need to build the strengths of telling a compelling story. Share experiences and educate tourism Also contributes to increasing the number of followers Increase the number of likes, press and share more. Until it may create opportunities to work with brands Or a travel business company Career advancement is mainly measured in content quality and social popularity. The blogger himself has to keep finding new knowledge. In order to keep up with the world trend and know what kind of content people want to read Including the study of Content Marketing such as SEO and SEM etc. Stock photo photographer when talking about the photographer. We will think of photographers who go to different locations, important events, or shoot in a studio. But now, taking pictures is much easier. Because the technology of the camera and smart phone has developed a long way You don’t need a professional camera to take great photos. And still make money from taking pictures all the time Like a professional stock photo photographer who does not have to travel to present his own work through clients Self-portraits can be uploaded for sale to online photo agencies, also known as Microstock, such as the Shutterstock and iStockphoto websites, where photos must be reviewed on the web before they can be sold. Usually the resolution of uploaded images must be 4 million pixels or more. The revenue comes from the selling price of images that range from thousands to hundreds of thousands! And that photo will be online without expiration date The types of images that can be traded in Microstock are still images, vector images, and pre-order sales video. “CF, don’t CC?” A phrase that we find often on Facebook, Instagram of online merchants. Accepting product pre-orders is the same as purchasing goods and we will forward them. With a service charge from the cost of carrying items that must be followed to shop to meet the needs of the customer Should choose the type of product sold according to their interests. Know the source of good quality products It is reasonably priced. And must know who the target audience is How much is your purchasing power? For people who have no experience of selling online before May start by taking orders of people near you Then create your own web page to promote products Keep updating promotions, sales. Post photos of attractions Various shopping centers Help build credibility And expanding customer groups to increase more leads. Archaeologist Archaeologist is a specific profession that requires a direct degree in archeology. Because it relies on many aspects of knowledge such as science, art, anthropology, etc. to explore ancient sites or objects And analyze the connection with the history and the way of life of each era This profession has the opportunity to travel to historical sites around the world to undertake research projects. The essential qualities of being an archaeologist must be observant. Be careful, research-oriented, have principles and reasons Career advancement opportunities can work in museums. He is an academic guide, history teacher Or serving in the Fine Arts Department. Tour guides, tour guides or tour guides are the occupations closest to tourists. Because its main function is to bring individual tourists or groups to travel to various places Along with providing accurate information and knowledge As well as convenience throughout the journey Therefore, just traveling well alone is not enough. Must have completed professional training, knowledge of foreign languages History, archeology, etc., to pass the exam for a guide license to work legally. In addition to having knowledge and abilities Must also have a passion for service Have good interpersonal skills As for the compensation, they will be paid on a regular basis or stipend per tour round. Average income from 1,500 – 3,000 baht or more. If a tour guide specialize in trekking or adventure, it will have a high fee. At present, there is a new guide license adjustment, divided into 3 categories, 6 types as follows: general tour guide Silver bronze card Divided into foreign tours And general tour in Thailand There are 4 types of tour guides: Local Guide, Central Brown Card, North Yellow Card, Northeast Green Card, South Orange Card, Blue Card.

What kind of Thai travel likes foreigners?

Have you ever wondered what kind of tourism tastes foreign tourists visiting Thailand have? What attractions are they interested in? We can see that there are many foreign tourists in many languages ​​walking in our house. Whether they are American tourists, British, European, and Asian tourists such as Korea and Japan, they love to visit Thailand. And do they like traveling like Thai people? Let’s explore The selection of vacation rentals by foreign customers depends on the country’s annual holiday season. Which will vary over time For example Asian customers will have important annual holidays such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore: Chinese New Year. Organized as a long holiday During this time, the top tourist attractions in Asia Including Thailand will be crowded with this group of tourists. Japan: The long-term holiday that Japanese people are especially popular for traveling is the so-called “Golden Week” around the beginning of May. And another period is the year-end holidays continued to the New Year’s Day Each period lasts approximately 5-6 days. South Korea: Long-term holiday season for South Koreans is the Chinese New Year. And Thanksgiving of the Koreans (Korean Thanksgiving Days) as for the tastes that will vary from country to country. For example Asians are popular in nature and seaside tourism. While Western tourists are both interested in nature. And groups interested in culture and traditions Groups that are very interested in nature, such as German tourists. And Scandinavia Groups of tourists from the aforementioned countries enjoy the tranquility. Like the beauty of nature This type of tourism would be trekking, waterfalls and exploring the beauty of caves. Tourists from France, Spain and southern Europe are more interested in Thai culture and traditions than temples and museums. It is a popular tourist destination. Overall, it can be concluded that foreign tourists have tourism purposes. For the pursuit of different cultural, environmental, and social experiences, meeting people and exchanging experiences. Therefore, the presentation of the form of tourism is an activity on the appreciation of nature. And the beauty of Thai art Various traditions or literature that are unique to Thailand Therefore it receives quite a lot of attention from foreign tourists Foreign tourists The famous marine attractions are popular with foreigners quite a bit. Tourist attractions on the eastern seaboard such as Koh Tao and Koh Chang, while on the Andaman coast are also very popular in tourism, such as Koh Lanta, Phi Phi Island, Phra Nang Bay. During October – March and after that from May to September. It will be the monsoon season which makes it popular for tourists to travel quite a bit. Regardless of how popular foreigners are in Thailand It is something that we Thai people should be proud of in our country that has beautiful natural resources that can attract many foreign tourists to Thailand. We Thai people should also act as a good host. And create an impression in order to help promote the efficient growth of Thai tourismWhat kind of Thai travel likes foreigners?

How to travel around Thailand far away from COVID-19?

During the COVID-19 crisis, many offices are taking work from home measures, but in our life there is still a need to make travel inevitably. Let’s take a look at what you need to know to protect yourself and travel peacefully. We must admit that we will all continue to live with “COVID-19” even today There is a preventive vaccine which has been started in many countries. New Normal: Increased hygiene safety is one of the means to protect yourself and those around you. Not only for daily life, but also for traveling. During the past new year many people returned to their homeland. Some travel according to the original plan. In the midst of the new epidemic Many people may begin to be unsure whether they meet or come into contact with an infected person. Of course, throughout the journey, you will travel or return to your homeland. Whether traveling in a vulnerable area or not Something that everyone must follow strictly Always wear a medical mask or cloth mask. Keep a distance of 1-2 meters between the person and wash your hands frequently with alcohol gel or soap. As for those traveling to each affected area, how should they act? Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health Give different advice. For maximum control area Notice symptoms at home for 14 days by avoiding or abstaining from leaving the house during that period. And if you are with your family, you must wear a mask at all times. At the same time, distance from family members The same applies to social spacing with other people when you’re out and about. Avoid being in close contact with people with underlying diseases and the elderly. Separate personal items such as dishes, cutlery, glasses, and do not share dishes with others. Cover your mouth or nose with a tissue every time you cough, sneeze, separate bedrooms, stop studying or work. Wash your hands often with alcohol gel or soap, and learn how to use online payment systems to reduce your contact with other people. Control area or maximum surveillance area To observe symptoms for 14 days, able to go outside the house, but must be 1-2 meters away from other people wearing a mask or cloth mask. Regularly wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds and travel in and out of any place. Such as public transport, restaurants, convenience stores Or department store Must check the name in the Thai winning application as well Used masks or tissues must be disposed of properly. In which the bag must be sealed and hands cleaned immediately Regardless of the group, if you have sickness, fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, can’t smell, tongue does not taste, wear a mask and travel to the nearest medical facility to be examined. Or ask the Department of Disease Control Hotline 1422, while waiting for the results of the examination, they must quarantine themselves to wait for results As for the various tourist attractions, whether there will be an epidemic or not. What tourism-related operators should follow Whether it is a restaurant, restaurant, hotel, other types of accommodation, recreation Tourist attractions, vehicles, spas, massage for wellness or beauty treatments. Travel agency Shopping mall, theater, theater, sports for tourism such as golf course Including souvenir shops and general stores To make tourists and visitors more confident SHA: Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration The logo formed from the cooperation of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Ministry of Tourism and Sports. Ministry of Public Health The Thai Chamber of Commerce And entrepreneurs in the Thai tourism industry Is one of the standards that will help build confidence in hygiene safety. Causing confidence in the use of Thai tourism services Temperature measurement of people who come to use the service. And registration for service These are two important precautions that each place must adhere to. Not just for preliminary screening of visitors But it also controls the number of people who enter the service without causing congestion, which risks spreading the disease. And if infected people have been found with a history of traveling in that location, they will be able to control and find the risk group quickly. While establishments that pass the inspection and receive the SHA standard, in addition to basic equipment such as hand washing points, they must be prepared. Alcohol dispenser For washing and washing. Cleaning the premises to be sterile, especially in areas that are frequently exposed Such as bathroom door handles, elevator push buttons, handrails need to be cleaned every 2 hours while the air conditioning system needs to be sufficiently ventilated. And take care of the air circulation system to prevent the accumulation of infection Each location will have different details. From now on, tourism in Thailand will not only have the beauty of the place. Or only delicious restaurants, but cleanliness, hygiene and safety from disease Will be another thing that tourists value At the same time, we must not forget all Responsible Tourism in order for Thailand to remain a sustainable popular tourist destination. Create readiness in the tourism industry while providing tourists with a good, safe and disease-free experience under a new way of tourism